X Rebirth – a Hit or a Miss?

The X universe has always been something of a passion for me. When I started gaming way back in the 80s / 90s I would look for a game to take me to mystical places and experience things I have never felt before. I looked for it to challenge me both mentally and logically with systems to learn and processes to understand.

One day I came across X – Beyond the Frontier – a game that’s CD case had perhaps the worst artwork I have ever seen in an X game or any game for that matter. I was undeterred and brought the game home and booted it up and so began a love affair with jump drives, seti speed and the Argon Federation.

Games so rarely come along that have complexity as part of their core, I can only imagine that in the design meetings for games, the development team would look to eliminate as much complexity as they can so that it becomes easier to play. this I say is wrong.

X3 Terran Conflict was the game that inspired me the most. I had just given up EVE Online in a spectacular rage quit that no one will ever know about and decided to play X3 TC as it was similar to eve but without those annoying flesh bags at the end of the line in other ships etc. What happened was I decided to play a trader start and was blessed with a free freighter.

For the next 2 days I spent my time diligently flying from one station to the other buying energy cells and selling to a meet cahoona bakery and doing a little circuit over and over. After some time I realised I could afford a second trader and equip him with a system trader device…. 2 became 4, came 10 which became 100. Soon I was down to around 20 FPS as I had over 200 traders out jumping between stations without trouble or issue and making me a billionaire.

I was hooked

I found the passion of that game to be overwhelming in its detail and also its scope. rarely do you find a game that allows you to do so much with so little barriers.

And then enter X Rebirth – a bold move which I feel has taken much of the freedom of the above and hidden it behind a glossy interface. At first I was quite disappointed with how un ‘X’ like it felt. The quick menu wasn’t very fluid. The trading was forefront of the abilities built into the game and many more.


After some time picking at the surface I saw what had been their goal all along. It was to build the same game but with a polished front end so it didn’t look so much like a browser game and more like a space opera.

After fighting some bugs at the start I have to conclude that I see their masterpiece now sat deep in the mud of all the issues to change themselves to this ‘new way’ and can only say that once patches and fixes are released and wash off this mud, X Rebirth is truly a diamond waiting to be discovered.