Why We Are Not Playing Dust 514 as Much Anymore…….

I guess this is the obvious question many have asked me over the years i have been playing this game, which is, “pyrex how does it not drive you mad?” they ask.

TO answer that i would look back at when Dust 514 came out, it was a closed beta and felt like something very new. It had something quite special about it, a certain feel of scale and scope that was promised from the offset as being something unique to the entire FPS genre. It was a shooter linked to one of the biggest universes in gaming history, EVE Online.

So as we played more and more, we saw content begin to be released. New guns, suits, features, vehicles. we lapped it all up as being something progressive and full of purpose. Dust 514 was bulking out to be something quite amazing indeed.

Dust 514 launched, it was here! at last we could play with the new guns, suits and look in awe at the new graphics, the product was finished and we started playing….. It wasnt long before we saw through the made up party girl plastered make up and what we saw beneath concerned us greatly.

A systematic lack of core mechanics, tight and often claustrophobic game play, new players thrown to the wolves of veteran players. It was a feeding frenzy on all the wrong aspects of the game. The train was derailed. The reviews were not kind, CCP had to make changes.

Fast forward now to a game that has been placed into a field with no direction or future planned out, its sat chewing grass in this field looking nervously at the CCP upper management who are trying to decide what to do with this game. It knows full well that the next sensational product is being lined up and this means the old ‘stock’ has to be quietly disposed of. Dust 514 remembers a game called WOD and worries about where that thing went….

Dust is in a very perilous place, if the games core mechanics and community were any good, it could have saved it but alas both are terrible piles of steaming shit that make DOTA look like a happy clappy place to play games. Dusts community is and always was a shattered frame work of cultures and attitudes, too interested in winning to understand they are the reason new players simply didnt stay.

So, dear reader, as i type these words to you it is with a heavy heart that we turn to why we arnt doing daily Dust 514 videos anymore, the simple reason is that we have done all we possibly can do with this game. We have zero energy or desire to prop up and dead horse and with the tidal wave of great, fresh and innovative new games fast approaching, we frankly dont want to die with this IP so some difficult decisions had to be made.

We will keep playing Dust 514 until the lights go out, we just wont be doing it as such a primary product of our channel, we felt let down by CCP who throughout the entire process of over 800+ dust videos, showed almost no regard, interest, passion or desire to interact with the community and the social media revolution, its almost as if CCP is trapped in the 90s listening to their CD players of some terrible 90s pop band and dont understand the power of formats like Youtube and Twitter, paying mere lip service to it with very little innovation or passion shown.

So there we go, long live Dust 514, may it go on a little longer.