Special – How We Do YOUTUBE Videos – Part 1 – How to make Gaming Vids

Thats right its time to look at how to make youtube gaming videos, see us do a quick example then talk about how to do it. enjoy.

The process of making youtube videos is something that when first attempted can be quite a chore. in fact what i found when started doing Dust 514 videos was that its actually all about templates.

Templates make the entire process so much easier, by spending time doing the prep work up front, you can be assured a much simpler time just getting the content cranked out.

Check out this video of a live voice over and render setup:

Making youtube videos is in fact very easy to do, its quite fun as well so we will start a few specials following on from this one that show you how to make a channel, videos, brands and other items such as specials etc. Make sure you bookmark www.Squadb.com for all this stuff!