From the Desk of CEO Pyrex – Minecraft – A Study of Addiction

Minecraft – A Study of Addiction

As I isit here and type these very words to you in the sun of a Sunday evening, a cheeky beer sat next to me slowly emptying, I am feeling the sun on my face and the relaxation in my heart……its then I realise that its all a lie

My skin crawls and my limbs are twitching as I am going cold turkey from Minecraft.

Yes that’s right, I am a minecraft addict and honestly cannot help myself with that game at all.

To study this, lets go back to the beginning, Mr CEO Pyrex was a happy little bee in Goonswarm circa 2005 and saw a post on GBS other games called ‘MINECRAFT ITS KINDA LEGO But NOT SO SHITE’ I clicked and my life never was the same again.

Minecraft was one of those games that when I first saw it, wasn’t that impressive. I mocked its terrible graphics, I chuckled at its badly drawn mobs and I smiled at how the entire world had been turned into blocks. This isn’t that good I thought and could not understand why people were so head over heels in love with this game even back in Beta…..

Then I fell into a hole

This hole had been dug by a Goon to get to the bedrock level and as I fell, I passed the most ornate and insanely beautiful constructions, I saw wonder built under the world and it was good. I obviously died and when I respawned, I headed down the stairs and began a love affair with Minecraft that to this day still continues.

Addiction is a very strong word to use for Minecraft – but the fact is that minecraft is a game that inspires people to work together and build things of wonder while also building team skills and science to a degree with the ability to build mechanisms, something that the modern schools gave up on due to health and safety of having workshops (little timmy loses a finger cos hes dumb means everyone suffers)

Minecraft has forwever been a game built as a true sandbox, you can do what you want when you want and no one is there to stop you. Mods such as the tekkit mod, the yogscast minecraft mod are really amazing examples of how good minecraft can be and I think the worst thing that can ever be levelled at the game is that its there only for kids. A simple untruth.

Minecraft to me is an incredible example of a game that beraks down the boundries of age in games and is the first true family game that can be played by all without the parents having to dull their minds to engage properly, it is a game that works for all ages and can still allow the youth to lead.

SO back to our addicition comment, yes minecraft can get under your skin, yes it can make you sit in meetings and think / plan your next home and clever machine, yes it also can turn the world into blocks in your mind but its also a game that can teach you so many things from team building, project planning, construction, hand eye coordination and so on, yes its addictive but no its not a major problem.

In conclusion – gaming can be a very addictive hobby and is best tempered with regular breaks and seriously go walk around a bit every hour but otherwise its okay to have it as a bit of a vice, just don’t add too many more!