Games and Mods – How Much is Too Far?

It’s a funny thing when you have to change the game you just paid money for (or perhaps didn’t) to make it more fun for you. I always found it amusing that people would mod a game until I tried it myself. I think the first game I modded was Tomb Raider with the obligatory nude mod and must admit to being rather underwhelmed.

Modding is an entire sub culture of gaming now – to the point where in fact the mods now make the game almost. Minecraft springs to mind here as it is a solid blank canvas for most players to get stuck in at. the issue starts when people play through the perhaps 8-12 hours of content the original developers intended and decide ‘I’m bored now’ and switch off.

Modding can bring a game to entirely new levels and Minecraft has to be the king of this with its thousands of mods and content additions it has become an entire building block set where the original game is but the base framework for the mod.

Mods can also make the game more ‘adult’ and games such as Fallout 4 New Vegas and Skyrim being prime examples here where you can strip naked NPCs and pretend you are at the peep show all the way up to having full intercourse with the NPCs….. a strange new world I must admit.

What this humble writer finds often is that the majority of the modding community are very gifted and capable people who have a desire to tweak and change certain parts of the game that were perhaps rushed due to budget constraints and time lines not being met. This gives me hope that most often when a game comes out on the PC that there is likely already a whole host of mods ready to go for this game.

The modding scene is something that isn’t just limited to PC either, we are seeing more and more than certain DLC packs that started life as technically a mod are now also being packaged up and sold through the console stores to the consumer. This shows a wonderful catch up of pace for the money guys in the development studios catching up with the trend of the gaming world. What will be interesting to see is if the balance stays as it is now or tips towards monetisation of a entire concept that was celebrated for the fact it was free.
Only time will tell….