From the Desk of CEO Pyrex – The SquadB Live Stream Gaming Conundrum

SO when it comes to playing games, i must admit i have made it quite a process for myself now.

Way way back in the day – i used to have a simple and straight forward life where all i have to worry about was getting Guile’s scissor kick to work against my mate Adam who was a diva with Chun-Li. We used to fight over and over for months on Street Fighter 2 back on the SNES – a console at the time that was actually a bit crap and old when i got to it. (i had to go to a pawn brokers to buy it, the guy behind the counter kept trying to touch me in odd places, it worked out well tho as i managed to get 20 free games from him being a sad old pervo)

Anyway, i digress:

Gaming was a simple time where you would load something up and play it. Then i found youtube – a simple next step from playing EVE Online in an Avatar Titan, one of the first! Back in the day the area of effect doomsday device was quite staggeringly awesome and ended with some real rages from people. We would record all our doomsdays on Fraps so we could share with our fellow Goons the vanquishing of our non believer foes.

This was in fact my very first you tube video way back in 2006 and showed a shocking lack of video production knowledge as well but it started a trend for sure.

Fast forward to when we kicked off the SquadB Channel -we now see that gaming has evolved into quite addictive, feature rich gaming that ends up getting people hooked then sells them content. A good place in my mind as it means players have a huge range of products to sample now.

YouTube changed it all however,

Now when i play a game i find i am doing with a mindset to play for a certain time length (usually 20 mins) then reset or even change game. The factor of making a video from most of what i do, changes the fun of it all. I don’t think it makes it any worse, just…. different.

Add to this live streaming and we finally get to our point – when you start a you tube channel, it stops being about your own selfish enjoyment and becomes a bit of a bigger process to have something interesting to show. This is evidenced by having more ‘balls’.

For example – when i play Dust 514 – i find i am the first to launch my fragile little suit into the fray in the hope that i get some funny looking kills before i get splatted. And this technique makes me look better than i actually am, a wonderful enigma indeed.

Live streaming is similar to this in that you have to show regular interesting content or its juts some dude sat at the back sniping which gets old pretty quick.

So in conclusion – live streaming is something we love to do but finding time to do it is always a challenging thing for us given that you tube already takes so much time to make edited, crafted videos – add in live streaming, which i find alot like busking, it makes gaming a secondary factor to the process which bothers me a bit.

What is good and probably the reason we still stream from time to time is the change in game play we see, when players can see you are live and ‘getable’ they come after me with gusto and it does make for some real fun matches.

So, dear reader, in summary we love live streaming so make sure you are signed up to our channel on