How to make Gaming Youtube Videos

When i started writing this article i must admit that i sat sipping my tea for quite some time pondering this topic. The making of videos is sometihng that we started here at Squad B around mid 2012, mostly just to express some artistic flair that was being cut off by our rather blue chip, corporate jobs that we both have.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves

YouTube is a wonderful medium by which people can enjoy what they want, when they want and this isn’t limited to the major national broadcasters dictating what people will watch. Far from it. YouTube allows the viewer to watch videos on whatever it is they have an interest in at that moment and an entire library of information is at their fingertips at the stroke of a key.
I first found youtube when i realised that other people also liked to watch gaming videos. Having been a gamer from a very early age i have alwyas enjoyed playing games of all kinds, be it mario kart, all the way to metal gear solid and beyond into text adventures etc. I have always loved each and every genre.

When i stumbled across youtube it was because people had uploaded EVE Online videos and this was what made me sit and watch hours (maybe days) of videos while mining in the game to pass the time.
From this point however i was always a watcher, i subscribed to certain channels and enjoyed their content however i always found that there was something missing from alot of the channels i watched. I think after long pondering of this topic it was the humour or even perhaps the charisma that i felt was just simply absent all around.

This single missing trait started to grind at me as i watched DayZ videos and found the videos to be surely entertaining but frankly a little dull after all is said and done so i decided to start investigating how it all worked.

Aug 2012 came and i dusted off our old Youtube channel which had been set up in 2006 when i posted 2 titan videos online, i was suprised to see i had 7 subecribers and around 16k views over the years and this felt kind of good as it showed that someone had enjoyed our video over the years and this is when i started to make eve online empire pirate videos.

So many months have now passed, we started our channel ‘in anger’ when Dust 514 was released to open beta and the NDA dropped. We saw this as a great game to immerse ourselves within.
We started by picking some topics to focus on and these were the tactics of dust, the fittings and a general ‘magazine’ style show that we called ‘Kicking Dust’
We have now gone into the second series of all 3 with perhaps 450 Dust videos now produced and grown to just under 5k subscribers in the process and growing fast.

If there are any top tips we can share around making Youtube videos and creating content these would be them:

1. Make your videos short (about 10 mins) and put them into series. It really great to create a series of videos that get people to watch them all.

2. Use a brand – thumbnails and logos are important to reinforce your identity on youtube as there is a sea of videos out there, you want to stand out right?

3. use social networks to promote your work, Twitter, face book, google + are all great engines to share your masterpiece.

4. Use annotations or similar to ask people to like and subscribe. No its not begging, its important to remind viewers to comment, judge and subscribe to you and your work. remember you are selling yourself

5. Know the games you are playing, there is nothing worse in videos when someone obviously doesn’t know or even like what they are playing. We see this across a lot of channels lately where people act as if they are being forced to play the game they are reviewing. Its very sad.

6. Don’t be afraid to commentate, so many people hate the sound of their own voice, seriously i cant stand mine but after a while you find your tone and pitch improves as you become more comfortable.

7. Have Fun!