Merry Christmas Plopheads etc,

It has been left to me to write this finally and most important advent entry, as unfortunately Pyrex is unable to see the keys on his keyboard and is snoring not so quietly I have been informed in a corner. I think he started on being Merry earlier today. I haven’t actually had a chance to see the vid, but apparently he is pretty drunk and was meant to have created an amazing master piece with bits of games throughout history but I get the feeling it may actually be Tetris.

Why would we choose this simply game…well who hasn’t been addicted to the blocks, it doesn’t matter your age or gaming prowess, it is seriously addictive and watching those blocks drop as you work out where to lock them in hours, days, weeks and months might pass…so an oldie but a favorite has ended our Advent Calender and don’t tell me that you are not gonna go and get your phone, tablet or even on your PC, XBOX or Playstation and download some dodgy copy and have go. Maybe have a secret game while your sat in your Christmas jumper watching telly and the old ones snooze or hiding under the table so you don’t get roped into something you don’t wanna do..

Just for you Dusties out there, if I compare Tetris to dust, it is so much easier to get started, basically you load it up and press play and your gaming, with Dust you gotta spend ages configuring it and then your finally in the game and find out that your kit doesn’t kill anyone and you just die as someone has wasted a whole bunch of credit on guns and kit you can’t damage.


We hope you have enjoyed the Advent Calender and have a great Christmas and eat and drink loads, be merry and of course feel a bit sick, snooze and most importantly sneak off to play a game or two when it comes to washing up..

Trub x