Borderlands 2 with Trouble and CEO Pyrex

So it’s almost Christmas eve and the Yule log is roaring etc – at this time of year we decide to be with family and friends and it’s a season to be giving.

With all that bollocks out the way, let’s talk good games – borderlands 2 is perhaps one of those games that on paper should be utter rubbish, however when you play it, you realise there is indeed something really cool about it.

before we get too deep, let’s talk about Borderlands, the original game was a game that seemed to be in development for simply ages and underwent a number of pretty big changes in that development. The first was to change it from being ‘real’ graphics and move it into the more cartoon style that it has now become famous for.

This change was quite a risky one as Borderlands was one of the first games to embrace a non ‘real’ look and decide to change the game somewhat.
Soon after this change, snapshots started to come out showing the game and peoples excitement was tangible when more and more came out.

Then the day was upon us and the game was released and what a game it was. A clever blend of solo and coop play made for an adventure that had real charm and style. Coupled to this was a procedurally generated set of guns, lots of guns, perhaps billions of combinations. This also gave the game real credibility to be something different entirely.

Borderlands was a flaming success and soon led to a number of DLC packs that also were of critical acclaim.

Then when the dust had settled, Borderlands 2 was announced and the entire cycle started again.

My personal feeling is that borderlands is a one of a kind game currently, some have tried to imitate it but few have come close to the fun, humour and style of a game that perhaps was ahead of its time. Will we see Borderlands 3? time will tell.