‘Falling out of Fallout’

There is perhaps one thing I hate more than stubbing my toe when you walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night and catch your foot on the edge of that table you have been telling yourself to move for the last 6 months, and that is losing saves of games that you spent hours working on.

Fallout 4 is perhaps one of the most sublime games out there in terms of a rolling, sprawling shooter and does reward the player for the choices they make while running around the wasteland. I personally accrued over 140 hours in the game and managed to scavenge a decent set of equipment and tools so that I could call myself ‘Pyrex, Lord of all’

Sadly my attention like a fluttering butter fly was then taken off with some game of the month harlet and I stopped playing Fallout. Soon I uninstalled the game due to simply not playing it and didn’t give a second thought to the hours I have played being wiped. I had assumed the game wouldn’t wipe my saves but how wrong I was.

Then, a light flickered in the darkness for Fallout 4 and I reinstalled this beast of a game, ready to pick up where I left off and get back into shooting dudes in the face with the anti material rifle… only to find I had lost my save. Things were smashed around me and I sloped off to drown my sorrows with the nearest irradiated water I could find.

So gentle reader, make a note to treat your saved games with extreme care, save them and back them up onto a USB stick even, don’t let your hours of game play of a half finished game be wasted and scattered into the Mojave wind