A rim of sky around a game of good

Ahh what can one say about Skyrim that hasn’t been said MANY times over? well let’s try.

Skyrim to me is one of those games that frankly you knew would be good even before it came out. So often now games can be one hell of a crap shoot when it comes to being good or not. Even good names of the business and strong franchises can end up producing a total rubbish game (think Batman Arkham Origins) often it can come down to a number of things, time being the most important one.

Skyrim was always going to be good as it was done by Bethesda, and they have not done a bad game for some time now. The love and care they put into their games seem to have made them a hallmark of quality lately and often I find that you can make a sure bet on their products.

Other game studios certainly have the same pedigree and skill as Bethesda but can be more hit and miss with their outputs and this is why we have seen more of a rise in the Indy game market.

Indy games are made usually by a small team and for very little money so the need to make only moderate sales is their goal, this can result in some very mediocre games but often does result in some interesting mechanics (space pirates and zombies being a great example here as it was more of a test game but was simply excellent and experimental) and certainly games like Minecraft prove that the idea is king in all aspects.

Skyrim’s scale and scope was perhaps one of the most ambitious ever in the history of gaming and they pulled it off with grace and style, often put at the top of gaming charts, we decided that while it is an excellent game, they don’t need anymore acclaim from us so we will simply conclude this entire article with, “go buy this game or get eaten by a troll”