DayZ has perhaps taken many months of my life away from me where I could have maybe learnt to make jam, or play the piano if I were a civilised person. Because I am not a civilised person, I loved DayZ with a passion and here is why.

In DayZ you play a survivor who for some reason is washed up with only a torch and their wits on the cost of Chenerus, a real country somewhere in the old eastern bloc. What follows in a nightmare reality show without the cameras where you are hunted by all things and have to loot and survive.

Survival is perhaps the way to sub tag this game, it’s all about surviving. The mod that came before this lovely new Standalone version was pretty hardcore, however the new version quite honestly comes with a learning curve that is ‘eff’in vertical.

After a mere 2 minutes running around I was bleeding to the loving application of a zombies teeth to my groin, left without bandages, I was unsure what to do so I had a little lie down in the church (hey if Gods going to intervene, now would be ideal) and lo and behold I stopped bleeding.

Buoyed by this amazing bit of good luck, before I left the church I looked up at the rather wonky picture of Mr Jesus and said “thanks bruv”. Spurred on by what felt like divine influence, I stepped out of the church and crept around the back of the church yard, where upon I was shot from some unknown assailant and died instantly.

Chuckling at this ‘giving with one hand, having my sack ripped off with the other’ I respawned and ran right for the fire station which generally held all the good loot previously. Upon arriving I found an actual gun and proceeded to ‘brandish’ it with gusto. What I didn’t counter on was the 2 zombies who followed me from the spawn area had now caught up with me and proceeded to punch me in the face over and over. trying to work out how to load the gun I was soon on the ground and was the entree course for these two zombies however I was safe in the knowledge that I would soon join them

That in a nutshell is DayZ, a game of stories and sadly very easy deaths, amazing stuff all round.