It always makes me smile that people snort with such disgust that people play computer games and when people find out that a grown man such as myself plays games, I might as well be put on some sort of register with the way that people look at you like “wow, what a child”

Gaming suffers from a bit of an identity crisis

This is compounded by the fact that the media really still do not understand gaming and is very much a sub culture to them yet the gaming industry now takes more money in than Hollywood and
many parts of the music industry. Gaming is a cash cow.

Lately our Prime Minister David Cameron (yes that’s his real face) admitted to playing ‘fruit ninja’ on the ipad, something that baffled me more than one could believe as he could have been playing games where he plays running a country, the world, an army or even…. a city

Enter SimCity 4 – A game about being a mayor of a town and turning it into an amazing city of the future. This is a game that should almost be lesson 101 for all town planners, council workers and anyone who wants to be politician.

The game focussed on all aspects of a city from road planning, budget balancing, zone planning etc and while it should be one of the most boring games since ‘plumbing simulator 2013’ it turns out to not be at all, in fact you start to care about getting a balanced budget and keeping crime down, keeping pollution at a low and soon you realise you are a good guy, a good mayor and there is a lovely feeling of enjoyment within that.

Often lately we see so many people telling us that we should be expanding our minds and frowning on the shooty killy nature of games like GTA, often the media ignore the actual art that some games produce like Minecraft etc