Okay it may come as no big surprise to many of you that this humble writer is perhaps one of the biggest Warhammer 40k fans out there, period.

My love of this entire genre began as a wee pup when I won in a competition an Adeptus Mechanicus board game which featured 12 battle titans and counter set (board not included, something my dad had a real issue with!) and I was forever hooked in this world of eternal war.

If you are unaware of the works of Game Workshop, I’m not going to waste time here telling you about it when there are so many great resources out there, here are but a few:

Warhammer is an entire sprawling world of possibility and story so is perhaps one of the more lucrative franchises out there if only due to its ability to secure some very loyal customers. let that not fool you however as the games that carry the Games Workshop brand, generally are of a very high quality.

Most specifically in the beginning of their move to PC, Final Liberation was perhaps on the list for being one of the more ambitious games out there. Taking a stab at creating a game of the Epic Warhammer 40k series, it was created with real motion cut scenes and put together very well indeed.

Fast forward now to the first Dawn of War game, which still carries perhaps one of the best intro films I have ever seen in a game, ever. This game was one of the more developed games that didn’t
try to recreate the ‘dice’ rolls that Warhammer 40k relies upon, instead creating a simple RTS style interface and making it pay homage to the brand instead.

Dawn of War 2 carried on much where its predecessor left off and was also a critical success as it lent more towards the DOTA model of hero’s and hero management.

Space Marine is perhaps the last in the line of great Warhammer games, If only due to so many of the talented studios that created all these games now going under. I had hoped I would see a sequel to Space Marine as the story is so excellent and that cliff hanger at the end is worthy of a sequel all on its own.

So we salute you Games Workshop and various Developers, you have brought the Warhammer 40k World to life and I thank you deeply for that