Left For dead the game that keeps giving

Way back when even Noah was still bumming around wondering what to do with his life, Valve made a game called ‘Left For Dead’ This game played heavily on the premise of a zombie apocalypse / end of world scenario and created a new way of playing shooty killy games

Before LFD, most games put a sole player on his own in the middle of hell and expected them to burst out of the Underworld sporting only a polished jockstrap and a slightly bad head due to the hangover he incurred drinking with one hand and fighting with the other. The solo game experience lacked…. realism.

LFD entered and gave most gamers a dilemma, firstly it was a multiplayer, single player game (I know right) and required the player to work alongside either NPCs (and most players played with the
NPCs as frankly I don’t even know 4 people I could play LFD with… sad eh?) or play with imaginary friends to all work together in a set of crafted maps and levels aimed at team play.

LFD aced it right off the bat by changing up the entire genre and putting a team of 4 people in who needed each other for support.

What Valve then did was craft an entire game around both the single player and the multi player aspects. SO for example, online you can also play as the ‘special’ infected as well, a novel concept that leads for some real mind games indeed.

The game was simple in its operation and even more celebrated in its acclaim so takes pride of place in our advent calendar as perhaps one of the most replayed games we own, if simply for the chainsaw and a wave of ‘zeds’ charging at me. vroom vroom!