Tablet Games

It’s odd how many people dismiss these mobile application style games as not actually being games. For years I have played games on my cell phone (or as we say in the old world, Mobile Phone) games such as Snake, word mole, tile pong and many more were for years ways to while away the time waiting for the takeaway to be made, the bus to arrive or simply the court case to be heard… long story.

Mobile games have always been quick and simple paced games designed to be picked up quickly and turned into easy to understand games that the player can drop in and out of as they go.

This ‘casualness’ is that’s a word, does not mean they have merit at all.

A lot of games now being developed for the mobile market are, quite simply put, being made for more people than any regular console or PC game could ever hope to compare with in terms of audience figures.

Where’s my Water is one of the most popular Disney games for tablet and has sold millions of copies, yet in terms of its complexity, its relatively simple with a very basic overlay.

Of course we cannot talk about mobile games without mentioning the biggest of them all…. Angry Birds. How often have the 100 million people who played that game propelled that fat bird into the pigs castle only to then click repeat over and over. So staggeringly simple but wrapped up in a very glossy brand indeed.

The development behind many of these games is also not confined to the clever sod with a laptop, entire gaming companies now solely focus on the tablet market ‘apps’ are seen as very much the future of gaming with consoles and PC being pushed to the minority in perhaps only a few years from now.

So in conclusion, mobile gaming (tablet apps) are actually quite good, like many of the previous genres we have looked at, you have to sift through a massive amount of crap ones but when you find that gem you will love playing it over and over. Make sure you play it at full volume so your fellow commuters can hear you playing. Tell me how that works out.