Starbound A Game of Star ships and Pickaxes

As I am playing Starbound right now, this article is actual proof of my sheer ability to pull myself away from what can only be called, Meth for the Miner.

Starbound is a continuation of sorts of the work done in Terraria and is the first game by the lead artist of Terraria and boy does it show., it’s a game that on first inspection could perhaps be mistaken for a java game (you know the sort you see in the depths of the internet, usually involving women’s breasts and an old balding man….. what? you never see n them?) and could be mistaken for being a bit, basic.

Far from it, Starbound I think is one of the most inspirational games I have ever seen since perhaps Minecraft itself. The scale and scope of the generated worlds, the ship, the races, all of these things make for an exceptional game that one simply cannot contain within only 300 words.

Starbound starts you as a refugee of your chosen race and you have a spaceship (that runs on coal or wood, there I just saved you 20 mins reading a wiki) and you have the ability to beam down to the planet. From that point forward the adventure is all yours> you could build a kick ass base and start to scavenge from the local area. you could become a pirate and sail the skies hunting and praying on peaceful villages, the choice is all yours.

The crafting interface and the inventory are all done in a lovely cartoon etc feel and it has real impact once you get used to it. Much like Terraria it is a game of style and the pixel style certainly feels right at home on top of some very clever programming to create such an expansive universe indeed.

At 2 days in I am now crafting swords from Titanium and have my first sniper rifle, I am also staring to find technology that I can also use for general goodness as well as finding more and more lost temples, robotic castles (watch for the cavalry) villages and abandoned complexes and loving each and every one of them

Starbound, simply put, is a revolution and will go on to be a classic even before its finished, something I thought I would never say but in this case, I think its merited.

Go check it out and come join us in the multiplayer digs.