PLATFORM GAMING Building Bridges then Jumping Off Them

The entire concept of platform gamers is a simple one. Gravity is a bitch. The entire genre is defined by this sole premise and frankly it’s a compelling one.

My first introduction to platform gaming was when my dad brought home a BBC Model B computer and needed a forklift to get it over the step into the house. (not true) We set it up and loaded up the only game we had on 5.5″ floppy disc and sat down to be amazed.

The game that we loaded with Chucky Egg – an odd game about a short fat man who had to jump around the very large hen house he had made with moving platforms and levels to collect eggs before the big mother hen who was 4 times his size sat on him.

Admittedly back then, gaming was an odd place with the collection of chicken ovulations being of primary concern. I was however not deterred. it was simply an amazing game and gave me the same sense of amazement that a game like Battlefield 4 would now and does go to show how people can be impressed by anything really.

Move forward in time now to a young lad opening up his present and finding a super Nintendo gaming station inside. After this young lad had finished his happy dance of joy and calmed down, he settled into a game of Super Mario World and again platform gaming was pushed forward significantly. One thing people forget about Mario is just how hard it was. My reactions aren’t bad but after a while I began to think I was an old woman called Doris who had something very wrong in her brain area given how bad I was at Mario.

Moving forward even more now, I was shopping a service station on the motorway when I saw a familiar box art I had seen b before. After going up to look I saw that someone was selling Assassins Creed for £1.99! I couldn’t believe my luck and brought it there and then. After perhaps 4 days of continued play I had now migrated my platform experience onto level 3 – the adult years.
Assassins creed showed me a platform game that was actually trying to hide that it was in fact a platform game. This was executed extremely well and frankly I have yet to find a game that makes me want to explore like Assassins creed did.

So in conclusions, platform games have evolved massively over the years. Gaming companies like Nintendo and others now market Mario games at the family, expecting entire families to sit down and play Mario as a unit, and what is amazing is that are right.

The genre has some real gems out there and is well worth a look but don’t expect to find anything super amazing if you don’t like platformers, if you do however, enjoy the jump and falls.