Quake 1 and Quake 2 Anyone for Gibbing?

When Doom came out I remember clearly that it was something special. the graphics even then weren’t amazing but it had real horror behind its outer shell. The sound that enemies made as they were walking around, the screams of rage of Demons when they saw you… all pant fillingly scary indeed.

When the dust had settled from Doom, ID set about making the next series of games based on the successes of the Doom series and hence forth Quake was revealed to the world. Quake was a strange game when compared to the wonders of Doom as it felt much darker, more gravelling as it was no longer sprites and clunky controls, rather it was 3d now and more elegant in its control.
Quake was nothing short of a triumph again for ID and went onto see many additional ‘DLCs’ even before the term had been phrased and today is still played relatively often by hardcore gamers if only for its extreme run and gun antics that rewarded strafing and hit and run style of gaming.

Myself I recall Quake being a passion for me and hunted high and low for all the secrets, the collections and each secret map I could find. It really was a game that rewarded exploration as there were entire levels open to those who had the patience to go look for them. Something perhaps that Ubisoft clicked onto with the Assassins Creed series of games that quickly became similar in their ‘secret level’ rewards for dedicated fans.

Quake while looking bad today, back in the day was quite a professional looking game (remember we didn’t even have 3d back then) and did inspire much of my gaming today with its fast paced, high damage guns that give the user a real feeling of skill all round.

Dust 514 had a similar feeling to Quake and was much of what interested me in the game at the start was the ability to load up a fast paced scout suit, slap on a shotgun or a flaylock and go play Quake in Dust, running, sprinting and jumping past enemies only to strafe shoot and close to near range and kill, then run off chuckling to one’s self for a well earned kill.
The games industry nowadays in this writers opinion perhaps see the ‘hero mode’ method of gaming as a bit ‘old hat’ so they turn their backs on it, ever keen to make a game more and more realistic. What I think so many forget is that the feeling a player gets when they rush through the air in slow motion in Max Paine or strafe gun a target in Quake is that feeling that ‘my skill is what is going to keep me alive’.

Far too many games nowadays forget that gaming is an escape to other impossible worlds and roles for the gamer and they don’t want to be an actual solider in the middle of a field being shot at, they want to be an actual soldier, in the middle of a field being shot at who can also use their skill and shoot back knowing the game is all for them making the kill and enjoying the experience.
Games today almost make it seem that they don’t want us to succeed and they keep cranking up the realism to remind is ‘No you will not run and strafe while shooting, it’s not realistic’ well nor is jumping from a jet in mid flight to fire a stinger at a chasing jet then getting back into your jet. People always find a way to enjoy the ludicrous because that is what we remember after the games long dead and certainly not the realism.